Tax Preparation Checklist

We will need:

1. A copy of the prior year’s tax return (if a new client). If the previous year’s has not been prepared we will need a copy of the last one filed.

2. Any changes any filing status, dependents, social security numbers and addresses.

3. W-2s from all employers. 1099-Miscellaneous forms (if any) for the self employed.

4. Any K-1s from Partnerships, S-Corporations, LLCs, estates and trusts.

5. Amounts of any other income such as gambling and prizes, unemployment, disability, and social security.

6. 1099-INTs (interest income), 1099-B (broker statements) and 1099-Divs (dividends) from financial institutions such as banks, credit unions, stockbrokers, mutual fund companies, and companies where you own stock.

7. 1099-Rs for retirement income or distributions from pensions, IRAs, etc

8. 1099-Gs from states that you received refunds or unemployment income.

9. 1098s from mortgage companies showing interest, real estate taxes and points. If you pay mortgage payments to an individual we need their name, address, Social Security number and an amortization table if available.

10. List of any contributions to Traditional IRAs or Roth IRAs.

11. Your itemized deductions including:

  • Charitable contributions made by cash or check (need receipt if any one is over $250)
  • Donations of goods with details if over $500
  • Medical expenses, including insurance premiums, not reimbursed
  • Car, motorcycle, boat, and trailer registrations paid
  • Real estate taxes not shown on 1098 forms
  • Escrow settlement sheets from purchased, sold, or refinanced real estate
  • Employee expenses not reimbursed such as job education, travel, union dues
  • Fees for investments, safe deposit boxes and tax preparation

12. Child care expenses, name of provider with addresses and Social Security or Federal Identification Numbers.

13. If self employed, a list of all expenses by category with business mileage for vehicles used and a list of any new purchases for equipment and vehicles.

14. If rental property a list of all income and expenses by property, depreciation schedules and improvements made.

15. Amounts and dates made for all estimated tax payments made for each year to be prepared.

16. Accurate purchase dates and amounts paid for securities listed on broker statements.

17. Copies of qualified education expense recap forms.

18. Any IRS or state correspondence received.

19. Any foreign bank accounts

20. Any thing else you might think pertinent